Parenting from the Improv Perspective

Tiny but Mighty Nuggets of Wisdom from the Improv Theater World This week’s tiny but mighty tidbit from the improv world: Be Silly! Sometimes in improv when a scene is floundering or you have no idea what to do next, we are encouraged to make a silly noise or say something ridiculous. This is bothContinue reading “Parenting from the Improv Perspective”

I am a Tree

I am a Tree is the perfect game. Seriously. It targets everything! Verbal Fluency? Check! Working Memory? Done! Socially Appropriate Responses? Nailed It! It’s a game that works for school-age kids and adults with aphasia. Your groups will love seeing how one sentence can sprout into infinite possibilities of play. The premise is to buildContinue reading “I am a Tree”

Improv is Powerful Therapy: Moving Beyond ASD

When Improvised Therapy launched in 2014, it was right after a very inspiring camping trip with the brilliant Monica Shaw. She encouraged me to go with my instincts and find a way to bring what I saw as the perfect opportunity for fun and therapy to my fellow clinicians. Thank God I’m not alone! ManyContinue reading “Improv is Powerful Therapy: Moving Beyond ASD”