Providing Caregiver Support Across the Lifespan, Fostering Community & Opportunities for Growth, and Offering Screening Services are the Primary Missions of Rachel Kammeyer and Improvised Therapy.

Rachel: Parent and SLP

Rachel knows the importance of finding evidence-based methods for parenting while also not feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there. Her goal as a parent and therapist is to simplify and engage through naturalistic learning opportunities while also supporting a person’s independence, safety, and confidence, no matter what the age. Read more about Parenting from the Improv Perspective!

“I looked forward to Rachel’s weekly infant class!  She had a friendly and inviting atmosphere that I, and more importantly my little one, LOVED! 
She helped this overthinker and overdoer simplify and be more at ease with communicating with my kiddo.”

-Cindy, Mom & SLP

Learn With Less® Infant and Toddler Classes

Learn With Less® classes provide opportunities for parents to gather with their infants and/or toddlers to connect, learn from each other, and have an evidence-based play date that supports targeted areas of development! Infant classes are for parents/caregivers of children ages 0-12 months and Toddler classes are for children 1-3 years old. What is the Learn With Less® Framework? Explore the Learn With Less® Library, Listen to the Learn With Less® Podcast, or Register for a Learn With Less® Class!

Free Screenings

Developmental Language Screenings

Do you have concerns about your child’s speech or language development? Nothing can cause more anxiety than being told by your MD or Teachers to “Wait and see…” I will provide a brief screening of your child and offer you either a letter for your provider indicating which areas of further assessment are warranted or an explanation of what age-appropriate stage your child may be going through. Here are her favorite resources for parents who have speech-language development concerns. Limited to residents of California

“Rachel is truly a blessing to the community. She is engaging, professional, thorough, and puts everyone at ease. As parents, it is so easy to feel worried, nervous, or even scared, and Rachel connected with and normalized for me some of my fears. She provided my husband and I with concrete tools to help our son with his speech as well as a path forward to get him services. Thank you, Rachel, for your expertise and knowldege! Our family is so grateful!.”

-Mom of a child who received a free screening

Cognitive Fall Risk Screenings

Do you have a loved one who has had multiple falls? Are you concerned about a loved one’s safety in the community? Are you worried about his or her memory or ability to be safe at home? I have developed an evidence-based screener to evaluate a person’s executive function as it pertains to fall risk… using a simple deck of cards. This tool functions as a jumping off point for referral to therapy services or neuropsychologist evaluation as indicated. Limited to Residents of California

Group Talks

Are you a member of a community or have a group of friends who would love to learn more about supporting your infant, toddler, preschooler, or aging parent? Are you a professional interested in the role of cognition as it pertains to fall risk? Here is an overview of the talks I am currently offering.

  • Early Communication: This talk will provide a quick and dirty overview of what communication development looks like in the first three years of life with an emphasis on finding ways to connect and foster communication with your little one, using gesture and sign language to support communication, best practices for eliciting language and supporting early literacy and play, what errors are typical and what should raise a red flag, and includes a hand out with resources and milestones. Virtual Only at This Time
  • Supporting Neurodivergent Preschoolers: Rachel is committed to neurodivergent-affirming therapies and those perspectives shared by Autistic adults. Would you like more information about supporting your neurodivergent preschooler? Would your preschool be interested in a talk in how to implement tools of inclusion? Feel free to reach out or read more here.
  • Introducing Solid Foods: This talk will provide an overview of best practices for introducing solid foods to infants and toddlers with time for a Q&A! Ideal for parents clubs, Mommy & Me groups, and new mom friends!
  • Fall Risk & Cognition: Based on a poster I presented at ASHA in 2016, this talk will cover the cognitive domains that correlate with fall risk, how to evaluate them with standardized and informal tools, and an overview of the fall risk screener I developed.

“Just so you know, that food talk you gave at the beginning of COVID was super helpful and is guiding me as we’re starting solids!

-Parent of a Six Month Old

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