I am a Tree


I am a Tree is the perfect game. Seriously. It targets everything! Verbal Fluency? Check! Working Memory? Done! Socially Appropriate Responses? Nailed It! It’s a game that works for school-age kids and adults with aphasia. Your groups will love seeing how one sentence can sprout into infinite possibilities of play.

The premise is to build upon one idea and be constantly updating the current schema, which is why it is ideal for verbal fluency, executive function, and shared imagination. It’s also amazing because it always starts the same, but it evolves and grows with the mood and personalities of the people in the group, making it perfect for kickstarting lagging sessions or invigorating afternoon groups.

I am a Tree is available in Improvised Therapy: Cognitive-Linguistic Games on Kindle and iBooks. Check it out!

Published by Rachel Kammeyer, MA, CCC-SLP

An SLP with a passion for evidence-based fun!

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