Learn With Less®

I completed 8 sessions of Rachel’s infant series and I use the Learn with Less strategies every day.  The strategies are easily incorporated into our routines, rituals and open-ended play in order to enrich my infant’s development.  This group is perfect for any parent who feels their child is “bored” with their activities or toys at home.  This program helps reignite the spontaneity of your home while simultaneously creating a structured linguistic environment. . . . plus it’s FUN!

Cindy, mom of an infant

How can the Learn With Less® Framework help you? For me it’s helped train my brain to see opportunities in the everyday moments our children encounter, allow me to follow their leads as they explore their environment and create magical opportunities for cognitive, communication, social emotional, and sensory/motor development without buying any new toys or products and always feeling like I am enough. It’s a discipline, for sure, but it is rooted in evidence-based practice, brain chemistry, and community… a few of my favorite things! I’ve also found enormous inspiration in the Learn With Less® collection of books.

The classes are based on the Learn With Less® Framework developed by fellow speech therapist and local Bay Area mom Ayelet Marinovich, MA, CCC-SLP. The framework embraces four pillars: Sing, Talk, Play, and Move and operates under the premise that you already have everything you need to support your infant or toddler in your home. Right Now.

In the class, we take one developmental domain and learn how to embed evidence-based concepts into our every day activities, using songs, language input, play, and movement. Then there is time for each parent to practice the concepts, the kiddos watch each other and play, and then we spend a few minutes connecting by sharing. I cap my classes at five families per time slot to give everyone a chance to be heard and participate fully.

If this sounds good to you, head over here to register or send me an email below and tell me about your little one(s) and ask whatever questions you have about the way we play!

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“It’s not something else you’ll have to add to do your to do list – it will make it easier to play and release yourself from so much obligation.

Parent of a Nine Month Old

Published by Rachel Kammeyer, MA, CCC-SLP

An SLP with a passion for evidence-based fun!

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