Learn With Less®

I completed 8 sessions of Rachel’s infant series and I use the Learn with Less strategies every day.  The strategies are easily incorporated into our routines, rituals and open-ended play in order to enrich my infant’s development.  This group is perfect for any parent who feels their child is “bored” with their activities or toys at home.  This program helps reignite the spontaneity of your home while simultaneously creating a structured linguistic environment. . . . plus it’s FUN!

Cindy, mom of an infant

Before I was a Licensed Facilitator, I was a first-time mom who had stepped out of speech-language pathology to be a full-time caregiver in an area where I knew no other parents and wanted to make sure I was doing the best I could for my child. Enter Learn With Less®. This program has helped train my brain to see opportunities in the everyday moments and objects my children encounter, allows me to follow their leads as they explore their environment, create powerful moments for cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and sensory-motor development… all without buying any new toys. It consistently helps me remember that I Am Enough in a culture obsessed with More More More. It’s a mental shift toward simplicity, but it is rooted in evidence-based practice, brain chemistry, and community… a few of my favorite things!

Improvised Therapy’s Play Date Program is based on the Learn With Less® Framework developed by fellow speech therapist and local Bay Area mom Ayelet Marinovich, MA, CCC-SLP. The framework embraces four pillars: Play, Talk, Sing, and Move. During the Play Date we will take one developmental domain and learn how to embed evidence-based concepts into our everyday activities using songs, language input, play, and movement. Then there is time for each caregiver to practice the concepts, the kiddos engage in free-play, and adults spend a few minutes connecting and sharing.

Play Dates are Mixed Age: Infants and toddlers up to 3 years old will be able to access their environment as their ability allows. We provide a supportive zone for children and parents to find their own way on this journey.

“I like that there was a focus for the exercises, with really different ideas on how to have a different perspective on how to approach PLAY for kids. Having those themes (like heavy work or flexible thought) stuck with me… a clear, focused lesson that was very interactive was really helpful, and it was really helpful to have tools for turning moments into an opportunity for positive development.”

Kerri, Mother of a Toddler

A key aspect of Learn With Less® is supporting caregivers and children through all manners of uncomfortable experiences with patience, kindness, courtesy and respect for a person’s individual needs. This can manifest in many ways, including supporting a child who is feeling shy or helping a parent who feels anxious practice reflection in action. We all grow in independence and respect by meeting each other where we are. Please let us know how we can support you on your individual journey.

This class is for you if you:

  • Would like to understand where your child is developmentally so you can create authentic moments for bonding and growth
  • Crave a little bit of structure and prefer an easily digestible lesson in a low-key environment
  • Embrace an evidence-based approach to parenting
  • Want to meet other caregivers and kiddos
  • Are a nanny or grandparent and would like to attend classes that recognize the important role you play in infant and toddler development.

If this sounds good to you, head over here to register or send me an email below and tell me about your little one(s) and ask whatever questions you have about the way we play!

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“It’s not something else you’ll have to add to do your to do list – it will make it easier to play and release yourself from so much obligation.

Parent of a Nine Month Old

Published by Rachel Kammeyer, MA, CCC-SLP

An SLP with a passion for evidence-based fun!

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