Rachel Kammeyer, MA, CCC-SLP obtained her BS in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and her MA in Communication Disorders at Texas State University-San Marcos in 2009. Her career has been an illustration of the varied opportunities the field of speech-language pathology offers, including work in pediatric private practice, elementary and middle schools, sub-acute brain injury rehabilitation, skilled nursing rehabilitation, home health, accent modification and English as a Foreign Language instruction, teaching English to non-native speakers with disabilities, advocacy for the rights of the disabled, and most recently, expanding in to parent training to support infants and toddlers and developing community-based support groups for adults caring for adults.

Rachel sees Improvised Therapy not only as a philosophy but as a way of life, collaborating with others through meaningful listening and learning. Saying “Yes, and…” to opportunities, and promoting the importance of early identification of risk factors for delays and disorders while respecting the communication differences we all bring with us. She absolutely loves interdisciplinary collaboration, and the tools she has developed, including the Fall Risk Screener, are born out of a desire to treat the whole person. Click here to learn more about how Improv Theater has informed Rachel’s practice.

Rachel’s work has been presented at ASHA Conventions in 2008 and 2016, NBASLH in 2008 and 2009, and the 8th Annual Social Thinking Global Providers Conference in 2015.

Becoming improvisational and intentional….

Improv teaches the importance of support through true listening.

Rob Schiffmann

The simplest tools are often the most enriching.

Ayelet Marinovich, MA, CCC-SLP

Enjoy things even when you’re screwing up

Keith Johnstone

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