Parenting from the Improv Perspective

Tiny but Mighty Nuggets of Wisdom from the Improv Theater World This week’s tiny but mighty tidbit from the improv world: Be Silly! Sometimes in improv when a scene is floundering or you have no idea what to do next, we are encouraged to make a silly noise or say something ridiculous. This is bothContinue reading “Parenting from the Improv Perspective”

Learn With Less® Library

The Understanding Your Baby and Understanding Your Toddler books by Ayelet Marinovich, MA, CCC-SLP are a great, easily-digestible ways to bring the power of Learning With Less® to your little one. Each chapter either focuses on a single week (Baby) or month (Toddler) for a comprehensive overview of cognitive, communicative, motor, and social-emotional learning opportunitiesContinue reading “Learn With Less® Library”

Register for a Class

Learn With Less® Spring Play Dates Now enrolling for the Spring Session: Classes will be Tuesday mornings from May 16th to June 6th at 9:30. Location details provided upon registration. Each class provides opportunities for children ages 0-3 of all ability levels to interact and learn from each other and includes a Learn With Less® LessonContinue reading “Register for a Class”

Learn With Less®

I completed 8 sessions of Rachel’s infant series and I use the Learn with Less strategies every day.  The strategies are easily incorporated into our routines, rituals and open-ended play in order to enrich my infant’s development.  This group is perfect for any parent who feels their child is “bored” with their activities or toysContinue reading “Learn With Less®”

It’s all fun and games… until someone falls

Today I had the fantastic opportunity of sharing my Executive Function Fall Risk Screener with some amazing therapists at ASHA 2016! It was a wonderful experience because it seems like more and more speech therapists are realizing the role cognition plays in evaluating fall risk. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of research has been done toContinue reading “It’s all fun and games… until someone falls”

I am a Tree

I am a Tree is the perfect game. Seriously. It targets everything! Verbal Fluency? Check! Working Memory? Done! Socially Appropriate Responses? Nailed It! It’s a game that works for school-age kids and adults with aphasia. Your groups will love seeing how one sentence can sprout into infinite possibilities of play. The premise is to buildContinue reading “I am a Tree”

Improv is Powerful Therapy: Moving Beyond ASD

When Improvised Therapy launched in 2014, it was right after a very inspiring camping trip with the brilliant Monica Shaw. She encouraged me to go with my instincts and find a way to bring what I saw as the perfect opportunity for fun and therapy to my fellow clinicians. Thank God I’m not alone! ManyContinue reading “Improv is Powerful Therapy: Moving Beyond ASD”